Disability Retirement Benefits

As a SJCERA member, if you have an illness or injury that permanently prevents you from performing the normal duties of your job, you or your employer may apply for a disability retirement. For more information regarding SJCERA's disability retirement benefits and the application process, read the Disability Retirement and Disability Retirement Process fact sheets.

Service-Connected Disability
A service-connected disability is for members who become permanently incapacitated as a result of performing their job duties.

Nonservice-Connected Disability
A nonservice-connected disability is for members whose permanent incapacity is unrelated to his or her employment. To be eligible to apply for a non-service connected disability retirement, you must have at least five years of service credit.

Applying for Disability Retirement
The disability retirement process usually takes about nine to 12 months from the time you apply until the Board makes their decision on your application. To begin the process,

  1. Email DisabilityCoordinator@sjcera.org and request a disability retirement application packet.
  2. Review the materials, complete the Disability Retirement Application and gather the required documentation.
  3. Call SJCERA to request an appointment with the Disability Coordinator. Bring your materials to the appointment. The Disability Coordinator will review them, and assist with questions or concerns.

Contact your employer's Human Resources office for other disability-related benefits including Social Security, State Disability Insurance, or Workers' Compensation.