Beneficiary Designation

Naming a Beneficiary

It is very important that SJCERA have on file your designated beneficiary should some unforeseen event result in your passing.

The Basic Death Benefit payable by the SJCERA upon the death of a member prior to retirement consists of the member’s accumulated contributions and interest, plus up to six months of the member’s final average monthly salary, depending on the years of retirement service credit. This benefit is also referred to as the “lump sum death benefit.”

The member’s surviving spouse or minor children may be eligible for other benefits in lieu of the Basic Death Benefit. These other benefits are also referred to as “survivor continuance.” Please refer to the SJCERA Retirement Plan Information booklet for further details concerning pre-retirement death benefits.

Complete the Beneficiary Designation to designate a beneficiary or beneficiaries to receive the lump sum death benefit payable from the SJCERA in the event of your death prior to retirement.

  1. You may designate any person(s) or your estate as beneficiaries.
  2. You may designate a minor child as your beneficiary. Do not name a guardian of the minor child in addition to, or instead of, the minor child. If benefits are payable to a minor child, the court-appointed guardian will be responsible for any benefits paid to the child. (Note: A parent who has custody of a minor child is not required to be appointed by the court as a guardian in order to claim a benefit on behalf of that child.)
  3. You may designate a trust as your beneficiary. However, if you wish to designate a trust, the following information should be provided: The name of the trust, date of trust and name/address of the person with whom the trust is on file.

Also, unless you specify otherwise, the beneficiary you designate on the Beneficiary Designation form will also be the beneficiary for any group life insurance benefits provided by your employer (San Joaquin County, for example) for which you may be eligible.