Working After Retirement

As a retired SJCERA member, you may work after retirement; however, the rules and your ability to continue receiving your pension depend on which employer you work for and how long you work.

Work for a Non-SJCERA Employer
After your retirement, you may work in any capacity for an employer not covered by SJCERA and there is no effect on your SJCERA retirement benefit.

Work up to 960 hours for a SJCERA-Participating Employer
You may work up to 960 hours for San Joaquin County or another SJCERA-participating employer without affecting your retirement benefits by following these requirements:
Begin working no sooner than 180 days after your retirement date,
Work no more than 960 hours per fiscal year, AND
Be appointed because of an emergency to prevent stoppage of public business or because you have specialized skills needed to perform work of limited duration.

The 180-day waiting period may be waived if:
The employer certifies the employment is necessary and the employer's governing body approves the appointment in a public meeting, OR
You are a retired Safety member returning to a position regularly performed by a public safety officer or firefighter.

Work in a Full-Time, Permanent Position and Return to Active SJCERA Membership
To return to work in a full-time, permanent position with San Joaquin County or another SJCERA participating employer, you must first pass a pre-employment physical confirming that you are not incapacitated for the job duties assigned. Additionally, the Board of Retirement must approve your Return to Active Membership Application.

Once you have been approved to re-enter active membership, your employment may begin. You will be a Tier 2 member, and your SJCERA retirement payments will be suspended. When you retire again, your original retirement benefit (increased by any cost-of-living adjustments), will resume and the additional benefit (based on your second period of employment) will be paid to you as a separate benefit.